Westworld Episode 206 – Phase Space

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About a Week Ago in Sweetwater

Dolores and the newly reprogrammed Teddy send a message to the Mesa on the train.

About a Week Ago in Shogun World / Maeve’s Group

Maeve and the team make their way back into Westworld with Dragon Girl in tow. Maeve finds what she’s been looking for.

About a Week Ago in the Mesa

Hale and Stubbs call the cavalry.

About a Week Ago in Westworld / Man In Black

MIB and Grace talk, but no one is sure who is and isn’t a host.

About a Week Ago in Westworld / Bernard + Elsie

Bernard and Elsie make their way to the Cradle and Bernard goes in to find a surprise.

Some Undetermined Time

The writers trick us into thinking we’re watching Arnold and Dolores, but we’re actually watching Bernard and Dolores. But when?

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