This Is Us 214 – Super Bowl Sunday

This episode  was the one we’ve been waiting for. This special episode, which aired after the Super Bowl, showed us all how the show’s defining event went down. We all knew the outcome, but our hearts broke anyway.

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10 thoughts on “This Is Us 214 – Super Bowl Sunday

  1. As a wife and mother I couldn’t help but watch this episode through Rebecca’s eyes. I understood her disbelief when that doctor awkwardly tells her Jack is dead next to the vending machine??? Really, you don’t even find a quiet room and sit down to deliver this news? I can see myself reacting the same way. You can’t be serious Doc–we were just talking and joking 10 minutes ago. It was devastating to see her arrive at his room, fall to the floor, then have to pull herself together because she has children to care for.

    Okay, just have to point out that once again, Kevin is left out. He is not there for this life changing event in the family’s story. It’s no one’s fault, but he is not part of it, doesn’t witness the fire, doesn’t know what has happened to his family home and that his father was in such danger and was burned. News travels slowly pre-cell phone.

    And then, Rebecca makes the choice to tell Kate and Randall about Jack’s death first instead of waiting until all three children are together. Again, Rebecca is barely functioning, but that was a choice. Jack wasn’t going to be any more or less dead if she waited to locate Kevin. She could have told Miguel she had to go find Kevin and to keep the kids there until she came back. As a Mom, I find it unthinkable to have that particular conversation with 2 of my 3 “triplets”. Just saying.

    Looking forward to tonight’s episode. I’m sure it will be a necessary Part 2 of what happens after Jack’s death.

  2. I saw all the Kevin hate on Twitter as “The Car” was airing. It’s really becoming a knee jerk reaction. I guess as someone who grew up with 6 brothers I don’t see Kevin as so horrible. If Randall didn’t act so wounded and just gave him crap right back without getting worked up, they would be fine. That’s how it goes between my siblings.

    And hey, when a father dies tragically, and has TWO sons, you don’t give the watch he wore every day to one son on the day of the funeral!!!! Good Lord Rebecca- -do you ever consider Kevin’s feelings?

    Okay, this is your favorite, and apparently the only, Kevin defender, signing out for now.

    Emmy for Milo.
    Emmy for Mandy.
    Love Dr. K.
    Rebecca needs coffee dates with Mrs K.

  3. I LOVE hearing all the parallels drawn from this show from you two. One I noticed, but wasn’t mentioned was the note Jack left taped to the door for Kevin to see when he returned from Sophie’s (which burned and Kevin never got to see) said something to the effect of “I love you” and “you owe us an apology.” In this episode, after years of avoidance of his emotions towards his dad and unfulfillment with his life, despite achieving great wealth, success, and fame, Kevin does have that moment where he finally apologizes to his dad (at the tree) and shows self-awareness, and regret for the way he wouldn’t have made his dad proud and wants to work towards it, which redeems his character IMO. He is an empty soul that cannot be filled with satisfaction- even with ALL the finest in life—-that is until he finds peace with his father and his place in the Pearson family. This “coming home” post rehab, provides Kevin with the message Jack wrote him that he would’ve seen when he “came home from Sophie’s” without the fire. He is loved. He gets to say sorry.

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