This Is Us 211 – Fifth Wheel Podcast

After a little break for the holidays, we pick up about a month after the events of “Number One”, “Number Two”, and “Number Three” with “Fifth Wheel” or “The Kevin Pearson Pity Party”.

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9 thoughts on “This Is Us 211 – Fifth Wheel Podcast

  1. Hey Daleys! I do appreciate your podcasts very much. BUT…(you knew there was a but coming, right?)

    How can two such compassionate people not spare a drop for Kevin Pearson? I’ve been shaking my head at you guys since last season. Kevin did not come into this world with a chip on his shoulder. His parents really dropped the ball with him. He was ALWAYS the 5th wheel. Mom paired off with Randall, Dad paired off with Kate and Kevin was the afterthought. It doesn’t matter what parents intend, it matters how it comes across.

    If you rewatch season 1, you see it again and again. This week’s examples of the family going on vacation without young Kevin, then Dad quickly choosing Kate over tossing football with Kevin, then he looks over at Mom and Randall joined at the hip reading together, then getting wrongly accused of hiding Randall’s glasses, then seeing the rest of the family snuggled in bed without him–you think that doesn’t hurt at age 10????? Your empathy sucks!!!! And Kevin already has a lot of scars in this area because his parents have always seem him as the one who.doesn’t need them. Well, all kids need their fair share of attention and they sure as hell notice if they don’t get it. It’s amazing that Kevin stays 100% loyal to Kate despite the favoritism. Randall unfairly gets the brunt of his anger, sure. But it’s Jack and Rebecca’s fault. Remember that camping trip with Jack? The issues were obvious then. Was one campfire supposed to resolve it? They had 3 children to nurture, not 2.

    While I’m sticking up for my pal Kevin, I thought it was awful when you two called him “shampoo boy”. He had a severe injury that ended his football future before it started. His father died tragically WHEN HE WAS 17. He pulls himself together and decides on an artistic career–being an actor. He’s willing to humble himself and do honest work in a hair salon while trying to make it, sticks with it through his 20s–which you have to do in artistic careers–and you two mock him as a “shampoo boy”. Yikes, I know your kids are young but the transition from adolescence to adulthood is a huge developmental stage. Kevin was dealt significant blows at that critical time after a childhood of feeling lonely. (No Paul, he sure didn’t have a terrible childhood, but we only know our own experience when we are children and it affects us).

    Kevin is far from perfect, but you two need to examine why he pushes your buttons so bad. It’s easy to pull for Randall, the anxiety-ridden people pleaser with the sad back story. But sometimes the tall handsome guy deserves a little consideration too. Kevin had a point when he asked Randall why Tessa was even in his car. I’m getting a little tired of “The Randall Show” too. Maybe Uncle Kevin is a bit better at really seeing Tessa as an individual. Just saying.

    Wow. That was a rant. I hope your kids are all thriving. Your family sounds amazing.


    1. Thanks for writing in, Ellen. We took a few minutes in this week’s podcast to address your points. Thanks again for writing.

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