Upcoming: Podcasts and Reviews 8/7/15

Hello, Daley Review watchers! A quick post with a preview of some of the content being worked on here at Daley Review HQ (possibly known as DRHQ from now on):

Gilmore Girls ATX panel review: Caroline wants to share what she loved about the historic cast reunion we got to see in Austin in June.

Dark Tower movie intro: The Dark Tower is one of Paul’s favorite book series and with Sony’s 2017 release date  (although there have been others), a movie version is closer than it’s ever been before. If you don’t know what’s so cool about Stephen King’s most ambitious story, look for this article over the weekend.

Podcast – The Leftovers Season, Episode 3: What’s up with Rev. Matt Jamison? Why does he persist with his anti-rapture crusade? We talk all about it in the next podcast.

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