This Is Us 218 – The Wedding

This episode featured everything that makes TV great. A wedding. A (wo)manhunt. An out of control teen. And Jack’s old screwdriver. Only the A-Team van and Webster could have improved this episode.

Actually, we found a couple trouble spots that we discuss those as well as the multitude of stuff we really adored! Listen in for a loooong podcast, people!

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7 thoughts on “This Is Us 218 – The Wedding

  1. Hello Caroline & Paul

    I know you have moved on to other shows, but I thought I would leave some final feedback on This is Us. I really enjoyed your wrap up after the final episode. It will be a long wait for Season 3.

    You sure were right when you said Kevin goes “big”. Actually, he just doesn’t care who is watching. This started at a young age with his “Mr T” impersonation at the school talent show. That was really done only to make Zoe laugh–but he did it in front of the whole school and didn’t care if they liked it. He goes rogue when he quits The Manny (for noble reasons); same thing when he makes that speech when returning to receive an honor at his high school.

    Regarding Kevin’s toast, I thought it was clear from the start that it was intended for an audience of 3—Kate, Rebecca and Randall. He starts by honoring Jack, calling her “Katie Girl” and telling her how beautiful she is, etc. When he briefly brings up his DUI and rehab I believe it was to validate Kate’s advice—if you don’t face your grief, it will be like holding your breath for your whole life. He asks his family to use this occasion to let go of their grief about losing Jack—and they all do, in close-up. After that we see many joyful scenes at the reception. Lots of warm hugs and even Kate happily dancing with Miguel—filling in for the father of the bride?! Would we have seen that without Kevin’s speech? I think it formalized the letting go. Randall’s toast was fine, but more traditional—you chose the perfect guy, etc. Of course I thought Kevin’s was the more significant toast for all the Pearsons! It was a definite event, physically letting go of their grief. It’s a point in time they can all remember. Let a new stage of life begin for all of them. Go Kevin!

    I understood your frustration with 2 things—the repeated callbacks (Randall loves his car, etc.) and too much Deja. I wonder if both are due to the demographics of the viewership. We may think of This is Us as an adult show, but I think it is also seen as a family show. Some articles I’ve seen rate it as appropriate for tweens and older. The writers may feel the need to add more plot reminders for a younger audience. They also may have added a dramatic younger character like Deja for the same reason. Perhaps they didn’t want to have Tessa or Annie go off the rails (after all, they are “perfect Randall’s” kids 😉

    I wasn’t all that surprised to see Deja take a bat to Randall’s car. It’s going to take her a lot of time and therapy to be able to let go of everything she has been through in her young difficult life. She hasn’t had the secure, predictable childhood that stability comes from. It would be unrealistic to think a few months with Randall and Beth would magically resolve all the conflicting feelings she has about her mother, being in foster care/adopted, the haves/have nots she has seen, why some kids are so lucky and others are not, not knowing her father, losing her grandmother, etc. Very unrealistic to think that just because she has been treated well by Randall and Beth that she will respond in kind, that she will know what to do with all the hugely confusing feelings that bubble up inside her. She has kept herself under control her entire life. When do kids act out? Usually when it feels safe to do so, and they want to test that boundary and make sure that it’s really secure and they won’t be thrown away again. That’s my amateur analysis anyway. I’m guessing what our team child psychiatrist might have said at team meetings back in the day.

    Okay, that’s it for me. Hey, I’m proud of myself for rambling about something other than Kevin for once. So, I need to clear out some shows on my DVR then I’ll pick something else you podcast about to watch. Looking forward to hearing more of your commentary. I don’t know how you do it all! Amazing! So many shows!

    Have a great spring and summer with the kiddos.


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