The Orville 111 – New Dimensions Podcast

This was a solid episode that will be a foundation for what’s to come, both to finish the season next week and the rest of the show. Listen and see if you agree with what we came up with.

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2 thoughts on “The Orville 111 – New Dimensions Podcast

  1. This week’s finale is the original finale, the original episode 13. The original episode 12 is what was moved to season 2. (Also, love your podcasts. You make some great points and pick up on a number of things I miss. Keep it up!)

    1. Thanks for the info, Samuel! Thanks for listening, writing, being a fan of a great show, and probably being awesome in general. I’d be interested to see where this info came from. I totally trust this info – I just would like to add that source to my own news intake.

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