The Leftovers Season 3 Premiere

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Here are some links to content we talk about during the podcast:

Conversation with Executive Producer and director of the first episode, Mimi Leder (The Daily Beast)

Damon Lindelof and Tom Perotta talk about the show (

Interview with Damon (Variety)

These are pictures taken in Lockhart, TX, otherwise known to YOU as Jarden!

Taking a look at the Jarden PD storefront.
Wide angle of the Jarden PD, through the front window. You can see where Kevin’s office is back there.
Faith Johnson is in the art department for the show. She must be very popular with her coworkers.
Faith Johnson works in the show’s art department. I bet she is a total gun nut IRL.
There’s Faith now! Apparently she’s missing and possibly being investigated as a secondary departure?
Shaina Hedlund also works in the show’s art department. Most of her other credits are around Austin as well.
Christina Yoo also works in the show’s art department. I’m sensing a theme.
Informational posters on the little door to the PD bullpen.
San Marcos is a city very near to Lockhart were The Leftovers is filmed.

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