The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

In case you thought might be watching an entirely different show over the last couple of weekends with the Murphys and the newly reconstituted Garveys in Jarden, TX, Tom and Laurie bring the bleak as they try to reclaim wayward Guilty Remnant members back into humanity. No, the GR has not gone away and in fact, they’ve found a new leader who’s willing to do anything to show how upset she feels with Laurie (I’m not going to tell who though!) Fair warning, the sense of humor of the last two episodes must come with the new location because there are no laughs back in the old neighborhood where Tom and Laurie cohabit. Listen to some ideas on why that new GR leader might have did what she did and other deep thoughts as we examine this week’s episode.

Chris Zylka was pretty impressed we had a National Geographic with us.
Chris Zylka was pretty impressed we had a National Geographic with us. If you can’t remember, this is what the actor that plays Tommy looks like with all of his clothes on.

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