The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

You didn’t really think this show would completely leave the Garveys for another family, did you? Good. That would have been silly of you. In this episode, we catch up with a newly-born incarnation of the Garveys with Kevin and Jill greeting Nora Durst and baby Lily into the clan. The scene in Mapleton has gotten stale, and Kevin needs a change of scenery so they pack up a U-haul, hook it up to the Dog-killer’s Dodge Ram, and make their way to Jarden, TX, population 9,261 (otherwise known as the largest city in the world with no departures). Team Daley Review dives into this episode and brings some of what we saw in person on location in Lockhart, TX into the conversation as it relates to the buildings and… geography (get it?).

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