The Leftovers 304 – G’Day Melbourne

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8 thoughts on “The Leftovers 304 – G’Day Melbourne

  1. I’m new to your podcast. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to you guys especially since there’s no one here for me to watch Leftovers with! It’s maddening! Cheers. I’m about to start watching Handmaid’s Tale and I’m current with American Gods (I hoped it would be a bit better but it’s still worth watching.) And I am CRAZY about Fargo this year. Great stuff!

    1. THanks for writing in! We always like to hear from listeners. Where are you from? We’ll probably hit American Gods as a binge when it hits a streaming service… too many shows! Plus Bloodline later this month…

      1. I’m in Pontiac IL USA but I’m a native son of Texas. So, turnabout… where are you guys?

        Between Sundays’ new Leftovers I’ve been re-watching season 1. It’s fun and interesting to have a new perspective on the direction of the full story, because of having seen into the future, as it were.

        I just started watching Handmaid’s Tale and I am hooked. I’m trying to distract myself so as to not gorge on all 5 episodes currently available (I’ve seen the first 2). It also seems I might be catching up with Westworld; I just watched the premiere and am intrigued enough to continue. Don’t hold me to that, though, because there’s so much great telly to see atm. I plan to listen to your recap podcast.

        Not a pod people, :-p

          1. I’m somewhat familiar. I grew up near Lubbock but left there as I could. I spent 20+ years in Austin. What a place.

            Carry on!

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