Stranger Things Episodes 107 + 108

We’re going to cheat on the last two episodes, but only a little. If you could go through episode 7 and NOT turn on episode 8, you have far greater restraint than anyone I’ve ever met. Episode 7 was shorter than the rest and ended on a major cliffhanger (RIP Castle Byers!)! It was perfectly built for episode 8 to snuggle right up against, all comfy-like.

Since that’s how the shows obviously were made, that’s how we made our podcast. In this fine recording, you get our recap and analysis of Stranger Things episode 7: The Bathtub and Stranger Things episode 8: The Upside Down back-to-back, binge style.

Where do start on this one? Everybody’s got to come together one last time and they get there in grand anti-ET style. Try to avoid seeing 11 flip that van out of context because seeing her do it the moment is very satisfying. She’s not content to just get away. She wants Brenner to be sorry he tried to catch her again. It’s great.

Where do end up? The least likely of all worlds given where we start: a happy Byers household.

Dig in and see how get there!

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