Stranger Things Episode 106

In this episode, entitled “The Monster”:

Nancy and Jon get the crap scared out of them in the woods, have a slumber party, and then decide go shopping for some items that would probably put them on a watch-list had they done so today.

Chief HopperĀ and Joyce are out of town questioning a comatose Terry Ives when Jonathan cleans Steve Harrington’s clock. Luckily, Terry’s sister is chatty and well informed.

11 gets hungry after being a little hard on herself after the fight at the scrapyard. She uses illegally obtained Eggo waffles to ease the pain.

Lucas goes on a solo recon mission to Hawkins Labs and sees a small mobilization of guys that look like trouble for his friends.

Dustin and Mike learn the true meaning of friendship when 11 saves their butts from getting tossed into the quarry or carved up with a pocketknife. As Dustin says, “She’s our friend and she’s crazy!”

The bullies learn the true meaning of telekinesis as 11 uses it to break their arms and push them around.

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