Stranger Things Episode 104

If I didn’t love this show before this episode, then this one cemented it. I love this show. What makes this episode so special though? Forward progress in the story.

Jonathon and Nancy – They get right to the business of sorting out monsters with missing faces and Jon’s pictures of them. ┬áDespite their awkwardness around each other, despite Jon’s naked pictures of Nancy, despite Jon probably like-liking Nancy, they still managed to exchange very important info and factor into solving the mystery.

Hopper – What’s not to love here? This guy punches O-Bannon’s lights out and then breaks into the morgue to get the truth behind Will’s body. Sidenote on the appearance of Cujo during the morgue scene: The cop and the kid die in Cujo. Just sayin’.

The boys – They all get on board with 11’s ability to channel Will’s other worldly transmissions. Dustin especially has a wide open approach to trying to understand what’s happened to Will (hopefully wide enough to make up for Lucas’ very close-minded approach). They could have gotten bogged down in the sadness of the town’s grief, but instead they still forged ahead. Goonies never say die!

I can’t say that I generally endorse the eight episode season, but in this case, the compressed timing seems to force the story to move forward. Thank the televisual gods that the Duffers have the skill to deal with less time and make it feel un-hurried. Huzzah, Duffers!

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