Stranger Things Episode 102

This second episode ably builds upon the first. Last week we met pretty much everyone we need to know to get us through the story. (If anybody else shows up, I’m going to call cheating on the Duffer Brothers.) This week, we get to see:

  • Mike’s E.T.-inspired introduction of the world outside Hawkins Labs to a wide-eyed Elle
  • Lucas’ low tolerance for supernatural shenanigans
  • Dustin’s quick-witted ability to cause a distraction (bang-BANG!)
  • Steve Harrington’s best moves (not counting those using a stuffed bear)
  • Jonathon’s unsupervised nocturnal activities -and-
  • The true meaning of friendship, as demonstrated by our resident slave to raging hormones, Nancy.

With only 8 episode this season, no episode can spend much time on any one character. This episode goes a long way to defining who the main characters are without a lot of exposition. They DO the things that tell us who they are, making it very watchable. And just when you think you’ve seen everything this episode has to offer… Barb.

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Skeptical Barb, not buying Nancy's story.
Skeptical Barb, not buying Nancy’s story.

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