Stranger Things 103

We have had a -busy- month! As just a couple of parents podcasting for the fun of it, Real Life has a way of winning out over extracurriculars sometimes, but we should be back on track for a while now. We plan to finish out Stranger Things, then podcast all about  our trip to Gilmore Girls Fan Fest AND the GG Revival episodes coming out in November. After that, it will almost be time to start up with Colony, season 2!

Poor Barb! I don’t think there’s any hope that Barb wound up anything other than a faceless monster’s Barb-burger. Did it pay to be Nancy’s conscience? Or does she wish she had cut loose a little more? We’ll probably never know the answer – unless the monster was just really lonely and wanted a friend for checkers at the bottom of the pool.

We had a hunch they didn’t show us that quarry in episode 2 just for good production value. I wonder if we’re done with it though. Seems like a great showdown location with the monster… Or maybe Joyce’s house. Either way, I know I need to see Elle telekinetically beat the hell out of the monster while Hop unloads 6 rounds into its chest before this thing is over. You know. For Barb.

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