Colony: Season 2 Premiere!

Just 10 episodes last year was all it took. We bought in. We invested. We engaged with the Colony community. We even met Ryan Condal.

When you go out in a public forum, like a blog, Facebook, what have you, and say you like something, you are also saying some other stuff. What we let into our minds and souls as entertainment is one thing, but what we tell others we like is another. Coming out all public-like in support of a show in its freshman season can be fun… until its time for the Season 2 premiere. Then we’re all like, “please don’t suck. please don’t suck.”

We have good news for you. Colony Season 2 looks like it is off to a STRONG start. Where last season, we were left wondering about our characters’ backstories, this episode¬†we got mostly backstory. BUT. Some of the details we learn only lead to more questions (funny how good writers can do that, huh?).

All the previous stuff I wrote I used a collective “we” to denote how Caroline and I feel about the show. This next bit is all Paul.

Alan Snyder, the once and future Proxy, is beginning to steal the show for me. Will Bowman has the action hero stuff and that’s cool, but Snyder is cunning and highly adaptable. He had me at, “She stays.”

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8 thoughts on “Colony: Season 2 Premiere!

  1. I loved your review. I agree with you that the time sequence about the efforts to get Charlie don’t really make sense. If Katie had left to look for Charlie, it would have put Bram in charge of holding down the fort (i.e., the Yonk). Maybe a clue is that she didn’t trust Bram to go to the door with the baseball bat.

    SOCOM is a Federal agency that coordinates special forces. I don’t know if they coordinate veteran special forces, but apparently they do in Colony.

    I don’t buy the engineer’s story. He struck me as insincere, and I have too many questions. (Why didn’t his phone work? Why was he called “missing” when nobody had checked his home? Why did he spill the beans instantly about the top secret list of 1,200 people?) I also don’t buy the list of 7 missing people, in particular the guy in the Saudi style clothes with the Indian name who is supposed to be a Boeing engineer. At the risk of sounding politically incorrect, I never ran across anyone dressed like that in my days working in similar places, and the name-clothes mismatch may be a clue rather than a blunder. I haven’t been able to take the next step and propose a theory, except that I would guess this was a wild goose chase designed to keep the FBI busy and looking somewhere other than at the Institute for Global Advancement. So, the engineer could have been a planted false lead, a breadcrumb to confuse the FBI.

    An “institute” is usually a research organization, not a government agency. However, as you said, they acted like “Men in Black”, so I would assume they are CIA or similar and lying about this institute. So, we may be looking at a CIA coup of the government, which doesn’t seem too unlikely given current events. Nicely prescient writing, if that’s how it turns out.

    Devon explained the political situation in Santa Monica. She said there weren’t enough Red Hats in the early days to maintain control, so warlords started taking control, and the government leaders now stay in the Green Zone, mostly leaving the population to fend for themselves. (It’s a Libertarian Utopia :)… not really, though, because they are walled in.)

    I don’t trust Devon, because the Bowmans were in a different house for the flashback, whereas Will apparently found Devon in her old home. Remember, FBI types were being hunted down by the transitional government in the early days, so that’s why the Bowmans changed homes (and closed the Yonk). I think Devon chose to collaborate rather than be killed, and she’ll rat on Will first chance she gets. If it turns out she really did have a rich uncle, then, whoh, that would be powerful.

    1. Thanks for writing in, Michael!

      On the SOCOM thing… The idea of SOCOM just calling up retired spec ops guys and saying, “Go have a coffee klatsch at the VFW,” kind of feels like one of those fudgings Hollywood does with police and the military to make the story work. Forgivable if they don’t get caught too often.

      I’m going to have a get a closer look at the VIP list again to see the mismatch you described. If Westworld taught us anything, it’s that those graphics they create for the show are done with a lot of intention, and can give legit clues about what’s going on.

      When did Devon give all this info? Was it on a webisode or something? We missed this stuff.

      The whole Devon situation is built to create a ton of trust-her-don’t-trust her conflict and tension. After a year being separated and also having Will bleed all over her fence, she still takes a minute to give him the stink-eye. Since Will’s our man, we won’t want him to trust her too much (and risk getting Lando-ed). BUT, Devon may have her own reasons to not want to trust Will. I’m sure some conflict under heavy fire will reunite them in a couple episodes. But she may sell him out first.

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