Colony Season 2 Episode 9

The jig is officially up on the Bowmans’ double life. They had a sense about it when the day started, but what else could they do except play along? Will bobs and weaves super effectively though. He picked up his tail, he led the red-hats away from Katie and Broussard, and he used the pilot to stall for time until a refreshing, orange opportunity presented itself. That guy is good.

The introduction of the pilot and her people opens up the show quite a bit. Previously this season we found out about the larger Global Authority government. Now, we’ve seen that there are also resistance groups on the the other side of the wall. This raises all kinds of questions (which I am sure will not be answered satisfyingly any time soon). I’m really intrigued by the world-building aspects of this part of the story, like if the continents aren’t honeycombed with colonies, then what is happening outside those walls? Who governs there? Do the hosts even bother the people outside the walls? Did they already make a sweep trying to neutralize the people outside the wall? Maybe the colonies captured large population centers and left more rural parts alone… Aren’t those rural parts where we keep our ICBM silos, hidden under corn fields? It feels like there’s a lot more story now, but it’s outside the bloc.

Alas, poor Burke! We knew ye as much as we wanted and that was plenty. Here at Daley Review HQ we’re hoping our benevolent hosts don’t resort to any heroic measures when it comes to saving Burke’s life. It looked pretty messy from our seats. Definitely didn’t look like anything Burke had anticipated. Shouldn’t have brought a magazine to a broken bottle fight, Burke old boy.

Burke's last magazine.
COLONY — “Tamam Shud” Episode 209 — Pictured: Toby Huss as Bob Burke — (Photo by: Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network)

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