Colony Season 2 Episode 7

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Last episode we had bookend scenes concerning Simon and his poor mum. This episode, we had another storytelling device (foreshadowing), but they tweaked it a little to keep the audience guessing. The sequences of Frankie prepping that nameless dumbass for his day in the sun and Maya’s get-ready routine with Bram were mirrors. Caroline and I agree that a storytelling opportunity was missed though by keeping Bram in the camera’s focus without a break. Wouldn’t it have been a little more exciting if the ship had exploded and we didn’t know where Bram was?  We think so and wouldn’t have required much more than more clever editing.

We also got to see what Will’s new work situation is -really- going to look like with Bob “the jerk” Burke as his partner. If the constantly looking over his shoulder and needing to keep one hand on a firearm at all times don’t appeal to him, there’s the executions and torture to look forward to. I’m convinced Burke was a complete nobody before the Arrival. I don’t want to denigrate any specific loser-ey type profession by saying Bob was a fill-in-the-blank, but… I think he’s getting a chance to work out a lot of pent up aggression from a previously unfulfilling career. Homicidal, insane vocal inflection-filled aggression.

I mean, really! Did he think just putting the emphasis on a different word was going to yield a different result? WHO leads your cell? BLAM. Who LEADS your cell? BLAM.  Who leads your CELL? BLAM. It’s fair to say Bob was only 1 for 2 on the day’s total interview count.

In all, peeves aside, a LOT happened this episode. The Resistance blew up a ship! Yay? LA was already on probation from that “Total Rendition” vote. How’s that going to play? AND… Will is ready to throw in with the Resistance. But really, I think regardless of affiliation, Will’s first plan is going to be get the family out of the bloc. I bet that’s what we see in episode 8.

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4 thoughts on “Colony Season 2 Episode 7

  1. You found Betsy! I’m so relieved she is okay.

    Computer scientist / mathematician reporting… You asked: how did the (census) data get on the flash? Answer: it didn’t. The spreadsheet and graph shown by the whiz kids are bogus. The whiz kids are frauds and manufactured the data, because real whiz kids never would make such mistakes, even if making a forgery. Neither would Ryan Condal, who was an accountant. Simon and Morgan are to Broussard as Eugene is to Abraham on the Walking Dead. Bram’s six-month release date is also bogus, because the whiz kid frauds couldn’t decrypt a government-encrypted flash drive any more than Eugene would be able. For screenshots and explanations, see my video about this episode on my “The Science of Sci-Fi” channel. (Click on my name and it should take you there.)

    1. Checking it out in a minute. Interesting take though. “We’re smart and don’t want to look dumb, so we’ll just tell them something they can’t disprove. At least not soon.”

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