Colony Season 2 Episode 6

This was an entertaining episode to watch, but it should give you some pause for some brain-thinking. Who cares about BB? Morgan does, but who cares about Morgan? The audience? I think we’re indifferent to her/them. So why spend a whole episode on BB choking up his own guts? ┬áThere’s something we’re supposed to learn here. The most accessible part of the lesson is that something having to do with the Hosts is radioactive and harmful to us. We saw a guy in the factory get dragged off last season when he started to cough up blood. Being a worker at the factory, it’s safe to assume he was waist-deep Host-iness. Now we have BB, simply fiddling with alien tech also coughing up blood. OG-Morgan (last season’s) said something to the effect of, “are the host’s suits protecting them from us, or us from them.” I think we’re getting that answer this episode. It may be too bad for the Bowmans that they burned their one doctor friend on trying to save BB.

Also, the bookend scenes should give you a creepy shudder. German goons storm a refugee-looking camp to find Simon’s mom. At the end of the episode, Simon sees her face on a wanted poster (well, several of them) on the other side of the world in the LA bloc. The Authority wants Simon off the board -that- bad. Maybe that put a fresh light on Broussard’s command that he should stay put in their bunker (especially considering the posters, found right outside his door, were probably hung by red hats).

Like I said, an entertaining watch, but Team Daley was left with one huge, unanswered question: Who was watching the kids!?! The fired Lindsey and both parents were gone the whole day!

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  1. The language was Dutch, according to the subtitles.

    Radiation falls off according to the inverse-square law. It’s still fishy that one person became terminally ill with 48 hours to live while others nearby were totally unaffected. It suggests ingestion. It got me thinking about Polonium being used to poison Alexander Litvinenko.

    The bullet casing was Will’s way of blaming Broussard for BB’s death, and I think that is the writers’ way of saying it was NOT Broussard’s fault. I have always been suspicious of Simon Ekhart. How cool would it be if Simon poisoned BB to protect the secrets of the VIP’s “gauntlet”? Then, the Nazi Dutch in England would actually be the good guys!

    The Bowmans have been running on O.J. for two episodes. Unless Burke drops by to cook a meal as Caroline suggested, the writers cannot delay the issue of food any longer. I suspect Burke merely called child protective services upon arriving at the Bowman’s, and Gracie was taken away, while Charlie disappeared into the urban jungle, but we’ll have to wait and see. Charlie is like Newt (Aliens)!

    Last week, I guessed dead bodies would be in the shipment. My guess is looking really good. When we saw dead bodies in a semi trailer in the first season, there was a coroner’s van nearby (but no sign of the coroner.) That cororner’s van was just a bit of window dressing, just as the pods are. I believe the “pods” are refrigerated caskets, not suspended animation pods, no matter how much window dressing they throw at us. Why was at least one casket empty (but others were not, according to Snyder)? And where did Snyder get his fat, juicy steaks?

    I suspect the Greatest Day is to lure adults to their deaths by promising them a suspended animation ride to a paradise planet. Aliens are eventually going to get blamed for the human body trade, but really it’s the government, I think. Kids are spared, because they are easily brainwashable, and veal is too expensive. Gotta fatten them up first. Think “Ouroboros.”

    There were more oil clues this week. The huge tanks outside the shipment storage area said “oil”. It would be great if an oil company or OPEC turns out to be in charge of the global government.

    The boxes in the shipment area were labeled with IGA, which stands for the Institute for Global Advancement, the guys in the season premiere. I think the IGA is CIA.

    I agree that the prison bomb looked way too tidy to be made in a prison. When you spot inconsistencies like this, I suggest treating them as clues from the writers. I think the prisoners had help building the bomb, probably from the government itself. I think it will be another false flag, like the Red Hand operations likely are. The supposed destruction of a Host spaceship will be used as an excuse to round up some of the Bloc in retaliation. “Fresh meat for the grinder.”

    Paul, you have a Lithuanian wife, and so do I! I like frogs too.

    Great job!

    1. According my ears, it was German. German is much more harmonious with the rest of the story. I don’t know Dutch; maybe it sounds similar in the key words like “we have the mother” which can be pretty easily heard as identifiably German.

      As we saw in episode 7, the writers are still playing fast and loose with the parenting/providing aspect of the Bowman household. You’re having orange juice Parmesan and you’ll like it!

      So, not dead bodies, but bodies that once you take them out of the pod on Earth, will probably die. Are these people being made ready to work on the factory? Probably. It -could- be a Plan 9 From Outer Space raise the dead thing, but it looks a little more like in the Abyss when the lead guy has to breath that liquid stuff (at the end) to survive the pressure (I think. Been a long time.) and once he’s re-introduced to air, it’s a very painful process for his lungs.

      Greatest Day definitely is starting to feel like a way to lead lemmings to a cliff…

      Yep, she’s 100% Lithuanian. Have you ever taken a look at Lithuania’s tourism webpage? It’s a little stark. (At least it was a couple years ago.) The first thing they want you to know is you better come to their country with a plan because if you come and just expect something fun to find you, think again. Maybe when translated from Lithuanian, the message lost something…

      1. Well i watched the episode and it is clearly a Dutch dialect. Knowing because i am a Dutchman myself. My grandma speaks fluently German and it sounds nothing like that. German and Dutch are mistaken with each other very often but if you are German or Dutch you will here the differences.

        1. Thanks for the info, Tijme! When it comes to American TV, accents come down to large groups like “British” or “Spanish” or “General European”. I bet we’re even worse when it comes to East Asian stuff. Thanks for writing in!

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