Colony Season 2 Episode 5

Now we’ve got all the players back on the board. They may not be as close together as they’d like (we’re all looking at you, Bram), but all Bowmans are definitely taking turns at playing games.

Will: Will got a new partner this week in one-time Jennifer investigator, Bob Burke. Bob wasn’t putting on an act for Jennifer’s benefit apparently. He must always act like that. Although being the “good soldier” is Will’s only play right now, the department he returned to only resembles the one he left because they inhabit the same space. Question of the week: Now that Will has to bow down to a new dress code, do you think they’ll make him cut his hair?

Kate: So much for being the “good citizen” half of Team Bowman. I guess throwing your state appointed tutor out of the house isn’t technically bad citizenship, but it may be bad colonist…ship. The big questions surrounding Katie’s erratic behavior revolve around where the heck WAS she? Both awkward Charlie/Lindsey interactions came while Katie was away or busy. I don’t want to stick up for a weirdo like Lindsey unnecessarily, but was she -really- out of line for asking a child that was distracting her student to go be busy elsewhere? If we enforced Katie’s rule today, teachers would be getting booted left and right.

Broussard: Still hanging out with Team RoboBee (emphasis on the BO). I would so hate these guys if I were him. They must still have some future story importance, because Broussard would be better off without them. Plus, why go through the trouble and expense of hiring a known actress like Thora Birch (Morgan last season), just to replace her? Weird.

Proxy / Bram: Proxy needs to learn a little subtlety when it comes to showing Bram favoritism. It’s so obvious Maya noticed it and force Bram to reveal his snitch status. It is interesting to wonder though, is Bram working for Proxy (for real), or is he working for Maya (bad move)?

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  1. Company Man: Obviously, Burke embodies one meaning of Company Man, but you found another: oil company representative. Maybe Jenkins? One of the most famous lines in the Matrix is, “What is the Matrix? Control. The Matrix is a computer generated dream world, built to keep us under control in order to change a human being into this. [Holds up Duracell battery.]” The Factory has oil-covered employees tending vats labeled with “BBLS,” which is units of oil barrels…

    The truck: We’ve seen the contents of one tractor trailer truck before, back in season 1. It was refrigerated bodies. So, I think that’s what this shipment is. The fat can be rendered (“total rendition”) in vats that look exactly like those in the Factory in order to convert to oil. I think the heavy security was to maintain secrecy. Meanwhile, Snyder was munching on a juicy steak back in the Matrix…

    The “thing”: Snyder and Jenkins were watching something outside, and I speculate this is a trick by Maya and friends, just some lights on a stick and something to make noise. The explosives were likely intended for a later more impressive performance. I’m far out on a speculative limb, but it makes sense to me from a writing perspective. Basically, I think the plan is to fake another alien invasion and scare the LA Colony into surrendering to Maya and friends, though the plan will probably fail.

    Timeline: I am embarrassed to say I didn’t even notice the discontinuities.

    Katie: I agree with you on Katie. I was expecting all last season for her to turn into a hero, and it still hasn’t happened. I think I remember an interview with the show creators saying that she would be a foil for Snyder. It would be a great story to have Katie and Snyder manipulating everything in a battle for power with each other, while playing tug of war with Will. I think it’s just barely possible that she intentionally threw out the tutor in order to get sent to the labor camp so she can help Bram. Dissing the tutor is not a Factory offense, but labor camp seems a plausible penalty.

    Maddie: I agree with you that she intentionally left the information on the computer screen, which means that she knows there are cameras and microphones everywhere. Helena said their goal is “Total Information Awareness”. It can’t be total without information on Nolan and Maddie, now can it? Remember too that this Seattle plan came from Snyder, so he must think it will benefit him. I predict it will cause the system to collapse. Caroline had a great insight that Katie copied the information to flash in order to get Broussard. Poor Broussard.

    Red Hands: I agree they are controlled opposition / false flags.

    Surveillance Annex: I think the annex is new and went operational about the time that Will left for Santa Monica. Good observation you had about no people being on the screens. It must mean there were explosions all over town. It must have been sort of an Al Qaeda style attack, and everyone is “sheltering in place,” hiding in basements or closets. It’s probably a government-created “9/11” for the Bloc. People will beg for government to save them, like this:

    Me: I just started a YouTube channel for Colony reviews and science content, The Science of Sci-Fi. Here is my review of this episode:

    1. Interesting your first couple points get back to oil… That would be a pretty cool ironic twist if during this period of human existence in which we go through a LOT in the name of oil, if somehow someone showed up and started harvesting US as THEIR oil.

      Maya and the prisoners: There is nothing about her or her plans that I think will “work”. They may get something to go boom at some point, but I don’t think they’ll live long after that.

      On Katie, maybe they’ll get Bram out just as they put Katie into the labor camp. Season 3 will be about getting Katie back.

      I’ll be sure to check out your channel and leave YOU some feedback!

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