Colony Season 2 Episode 4

Not this season’s best episode, but a serviceable one for a necessary situation.

The Bowmans had to have a reunion. They had to lay their respective cards on the proverbial table (although we’re not at all sure that Katie has come completely clean). We endured a lot of soap opera-style recapping of events from both recent episodes and last season. As faithful viewers, we kind of hate having to sit through too much of that. What made it endurable was: Will did not give in to Katie and her loser ways and the cold open plus Jennifer’s story.

The cold open gave us a brief glimpse at what else is going on in the world. In a way, Jennifer’s eternal reluctance to turn in Will and his family is sending ripples through the bureaucracy that are being felt and voted on at the highest levels. She just knows her jerk boss has it in for her, not that she might get them all “rendered”. But it sure is fun for us to know it.

In the podcast, Caroline mentions so of the previous acting work performed by the actor portraying the very scary Det. Burke. Here ya go:

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