Colony Season 2 Episode 3

How do you like your Devon? Pulp? Or no pulp?

Episodes like this one are fun to watch. A little heartbreaking, sure, but still fun. Alas, poor Devon. We hardly knew her. She never Landoed Will, like I was suspecting she would. She helped him out, kept on eye on his flight-risk kid, and taught him how to survive in Santa Monica. Now, she’s just one bloody smear among many on the Santa Monica side of the wall. You can’t get too attached to mentor-ish characters in Colony. They don’t last.

Although Colony’s propensity for dispensing with mentors remained consistent, we also experienced a pleasant change this past week in the form of Katie taking some responsibility for her actions. Well, kind of. She really passes the buck to Jennifer on whether or not she’s actually held accountable. That is, if Jennifer can bring herself to turn in a grieving mother and maybe widow. Nice way to back into responsibility. “If you say I am, then I will be.”

I for one loved to see former Proxy Snyder in action and with a little of his old swagger back. The office desk on the far side of a concrete room is classic Snyder. One way or another, he is not staying in the prison any longer than he has to.

Next week it looks like Katie and Will have a much needed come to Jesus moment – under the watchful eye of Jennifer and Homeland Security. Can’t wait to see how that turns out!

5 thoughts on “Colony Season 2 Episode 3

  1. I’m always struck at the quality of your audio. Before last week, I knew nothing on the subject, then I read some articles and watched some YouTube videos, and now “I know Kung Fu”. I’m guessing you sit facing each other while using two dynamic microphones with a cardioid pattern, specifically two ATR2100’s.

    I wonder if the suicide bomber was the black guy. The timing was about right. And his dialog was odd, like he didn’t expect people like the chubby guy to be there. I felt so sorry for the chubby guy. He was the only one who made it over the barbed wire topped fence, and he was already wounded, showing he had the right stuff to be a Red Hat after all. Then he was kill-shot like a wounded dog.

    CIA, Interpol, MI-6 running around… more hints that the dark state is running the show.

    Katie continues to use a wireless phone, like an idiot. Of course, the landlines are probably also monitored, but even the neighbors could be listening to the wireless. Even today it’s stupid to use wireless, because the police can listen without a warrant and take things out of context, like if you start ranting about an episode of Colony and mention “Homeland Security” and “suicide bomber” in the same sentence.

    Charlie’s story about getting hit with a board that had a nail does not match his long wound. It should be a single puncture. Caroline’s theory that Charlie could be chipped could be correct. Or what if he is a walking bomb? The black guy had no body fat and no loose clothing, so if he was the suicide bomber it may have been a surgically implanted device.

    I think the Wall drone was not using machine facial recognition. Machines don’t take that long to decide and don’t get seemingly upset. In interviews, Ryan Condal has said the drones have different personalities. So, I think the drones have intelligent operators, probably human operators, just like drones today. I think the operator either knew Will or didn’t like killing kids.

    Like Paul, I also thought about Logan’s Run this week. Previously, I had been thinking that the Greatest Day was going to involve the slaughter of the children. However, all the investment in brainwashing Gracie plus the analogy of Logan’s Run makes me realize it’s the old people who are going to die. They might get frozen as part of a religious ceremony, along the lines of Maddie’s vision in the previous episode. What will be the age cutoff? 40 might make for the most drama, because Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) is 39, while Will (Josh Holloway) is 47. 30 would make for a nice Logan’s Run reference. 20 would make for irony, since Bram lied and said he was 20. Society will be much easier for the government to control once the old people are out of the picture.

    1. We use Behringer mics, XM8500s and a Behringer UMC404 instead of a traditional mixer. We hope people like the audio. I don’t think we’d have kept doing it if we had shitty audio. So many podcasts do. even if they’re content is unique and awesome. if they make my ears bleed, I give up on them.

      I think we saw the dark state is actually the state in episode 4.

      Charlie being chipped isn’t one of my own pet theories, but one I can give a little more credence to given Charlie’s behavior this week. He knows a lot of how things are now. Implies he seen a lot, been through a lot. He may not even know he’s been chipped (I think he would have told Will if he knew).

      I’m sticking with drones being autonomous and using facial recognition. Hosts have technology we don’t understand and drones fall into that area.

      I bet with limited medical supplies are (we’ve been shown), a natural attrition is weeding out older folks as we go already. Did you notice if there were any “old” faces in the VGA assembly? I don’t think I did. 40s and 50s, sure, but 60+ not so much. Governing bodies like that are always FULL of old men. Not so much in Colony’s world.

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