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Warning: I talk a bit about Game of Thrones and some major developments in that story as a comparison to Colony in this episode. If you call yourself a Game of Thrones fan and are not completely caught up (an excuse-less condition), you may want to skip ahead in the podcast when it comes up.

This week’s episode marks Will Bowman’s return to action hero status. I have to admit I was a little concerned when a very desperate Will got his butt kicked in the first episode. After seeing the hold Solomon had over Charlie, plus the scar tissue remnants of Solomon’s “lessons”, Will’s edge returned. With Charlie safe from the local poncho-wearing warlord’s retribution, what will Will do?

And then there’s Katie. Katie. Katie, the woman who can accuse her own sister of not trying very hard to use her politically persuasive boyfriend to Bram released. Never mind that Bram broke one of the cardinal rules of the colony -or- that Maddie’s had to basically sell her body to buy Nolan’s affections. Katie just calls ’em like she sees ’em, and in this case she saw a real lack of hustle on Maddie’s part. I loved watching Maddie verbally kick Katie’s ass.

Alan Snyder’s alive! It looks like his new title may be something more like “Warden Snyder” rather than proxy, but hey! It’s not the factory!

What’s to come next week? I bet Will has to stay in Santa Monica longer than expected to clean up the mess he surely created at Solomon’s. What stupid idea will Katie have? She will probably try to enlist someone’s help (Jennifer? Broussard?) to try and not only find Bram, but get him out. These are just guesses of course.

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  1. The space music thing actually happened in reality in 1969 and became a news story for the first time in February 2016, when the Colony writers were working on season 2. Also in February 2016, two posters on the Colony subreddit mentioned Wernher von Braun’s reported belief that the U.S. government would fake an alien invasion in the future. The German guy in this episode may be von Braun, who was working at NASA at the time.

    Last season I thought Jenn may have killed her fiance in an explosion, maybe accidentally or under orders. So both Caroline and I are picking up on a vibe here.

    Nolan didn’t actually do anything to help Bram. Bram got himself out of going to the Factory by lying about his age (?!) and his skills. So Katie was right to doubt Nolan and Maddie’s influence on Nolan. I’m pretty sure Nolan wants Maddie’s entire annoying extended family dead. However, Katie’s confrontation of Nolan seemed counterproductive. Katie’s spirit reached rock bottom in the previous episode, so it’s time for the writers to change her character. Katie is supposed to be smart (reads Faulkner), so I have a slim hope that she has a plan.

    It may have been Snyder who actually saved Bram from the Factory, though. I think Snyder got himself assigned to the job of prison warden, knowing that Bram was on his way, and then may have given orders to the guard who interrogated Bram on his skills. Remember, the first season Snyder had Will’s cooperation on the condition that Snyder would help get Charlie back. Now Will and Katie will do anything for Snyder since he has Bram, and Snyder can certainly think of some things he’d like done. I think Snyder’s eye-nod was like saying, “I see you Bram. Just be cool, and I’ll try to get you out of this.” But Snyder’s thoughts were just about keeping him for leverage over Will and Katie. (Will is a one man army, it turns out!)

    I was trying to figure out a non-technological solution to the Maddie’s vision from the box. I was thinking maybe LSD on the surface. A quick Internet search suggests it is possible. Your comments about the box sounded very LSD-trippy.

    Devon’s explanation of the Santa Monica situation was in a preview but also at 7 minutes into this episode, “They didn’t have enough Redhats on the ground after the Arrival. Shit got worse and worse until the Occupation cut a deal with the warlords. Now they pretty much stick to the Green Zone and let the rest of us rot down here.”

    Will asked Charlie, “What else did he do to you?”, which Charlie didn’t answer, so Will inferred sexual abuse, causing him to go berserk. Hey, you’re the family experts; you’re supposed to pick up on this stuff! Another thing you missed: Will looked for his transit pass on Solomon’s body and was upset that he didn’t find it. Last season, Snyder told him to use it quickly because it was on his authority and he wouldn’t be Proxy much longer. Now Snyder is out of power, so I’m sure the pass would be no good anyway.

    Fine job.

    1. Fascinating factoids about von Braun there. I love that part in the Right Stuff when they say, “Our Germans are better than their Germans.” I don’t think they specify, but I bet they meant Werner.

      If I was Nolan, I think I’d feel the same way about Maddie’s extended family. On the Katie-front you may have called it – she did show some change in Ep203. But will it stick? I do not have any recreational money to put on that particular bet.

      For the Snyder/Bram wheelings and dealings – it sounds like you think Snyder is playing it much cooler with Bram than he probably actually feels. It’s more like he (Snyder) may have found a golden ticket (Bram), but doesn’t want to lose it when he’s running home. Either way, I think Snyder is in this story for the long haul. He is very crafty.

      LSD laced box? Caroline has a pet theory that the hosts are just people from the future. It’s not the theory she’s hanging her hat on; it’s just one she dusts off every few episodes. Anyway, a box laced with or using something like LSD seems like a very earth-born solution to the problem of needing to convince would-be followers as quickly as possible. I think it worked for Timothy Leary to a small extent.

      Transit pass details – I have to wonder if the writers are leaving those details a little foggy to allow themselves to use the transit pass in a different way sometime in the future. I did not gather that Will was searching Solomon’s body for his pass, but that makes sense. As for the sexual assault inference, I didn’t go there mentally, but it IS a reasonable conclusion. Parents today go berserk at little league games, though. Will wouldn’t necessarily need sexual assault as minimum provocation to clean Solomon’s clock. The scars would do it for most of us.

      Thanks for writing in again!

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