Colony Season 2 Episode 13

The season finale has come and gone, Colonists!

Where’d We End Up:

LA Bloc: Rendered

The Bowmans: On cruise control in a stolen Escalade (cuz why not?) outside the LA bloc. They weren’t specific if they were in another bloc or if they were outside the entire colony. All five Bowmans were present and accounted for.

Alan Snyder: With the Bowmans, in the backseat of the Escalade. He has basically covered himself and his survivability 3 different ways: 1. Staff job with Helena 2. Exiting with the Bowmans and 3. Arranging to return the gauntlet to the IGA. It’s not cool, but it can’t be said he’s not looking out for number one.

Maddie: On the way to the factory. She gambled by siding with Nolan and abandoning her family. She lost in lip-splitting fashion. See you from the moon, Maddie!

Helena: On her way to the IGA. What’s it called when you get promoted after a disaster? Failing up?

Broussard: Flying solo, saying he’s going to stay in the bloc. Listen to the podcast for Caroline’s alternate theories on how Broussard might actually spend the near future.

Morgan: Dead. Sorry. We had to meet a quota on major-minor deaths.

Bob: Alive again! I guess the hosts CAN apply medical expertise to those they can get evil deeds out of when they want to.

Catch us next week as we move on from Colony and cover The Leftovers’ final season!

COLONY — “Ronin” Episode 213 — Pictured: Amanda Righetti as Maddie — (Photo by: Jack Zeman/USA Network)

5 thoughts on “Colony Season 2 Episode 13

  1. Nice discussion. My theory about Broussard is that he will become a “presumed dead” character that suddenly turns up again (maybe inside a pod) after a few episodes where he is absent. I also think that the blackjacks are after something more than just the plans to the Death Star—oops I mean the gauntlet. They want to know the location of the rebel base—oops I mean the Renegade alien.

    1. Thanks for writing in. I agree. I think Broussard fading a little from the viewers’ perception and then returning in a surprise would make for some good TV.

      Second point: The Blackjacks going after Simon makes a lot of sense then. Sort of a lot of dots to connect, but it would all get back to being able to track down the Renegade RAP.

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