Colony Season 2 Episode 12

Spoiler warnings: I reference Battlestar Galactica and 12 Monkeys in this episode and give away some pretty awesome plot points as ways of drawing parallels between this episode and those other shows. Look out!

Potential bird-themed resistance leaders of the LA bloc take note: the Cardinal followed Quayle into great beyond this week. Even with Total Rendition now in the near future, you were probably looking at a short tenure anyway.

As Caroline points out in the podcast, this episode featured a lot of meetings. Alcala meeting Nolan. Helena meeting Alcala. Snyder meeting Nolan. Snyder meeting Maddie. Helena meeting Snyder. Brobow meeting Karen. Whew. So many meetings! No wonder the Brobow crew had to go freaking postal at the end of the episode!

A special recognition award in the field of sliminess should be given to Nolan for the timing he allowed the Red Hats to apprehend Maddie. He gave a new meaning to “one for the road” with his celebration of kicking Hudson out of the house (what else could he have been so excited about?).

Overall, for an episode meant to get people moved into certain positions and dominoes about to fall, it was very satisfying thanks to the big action piece at the end.

COLONY — “Seppuku” Episode 212 — Pictured: Laura Innes as Karen Brun — (Photo by: Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network)

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