Colony Season 2 Episode 10

We have one member of the Bowman clan, Maddie, doing everything she can to stay out of enemy crosshairs and another, Bram, doing everything he can to stay firmly inside them.

This week, Maddie had to make a choice between a life with Nolan, the Green Zone, status, and perceived safety -and- her sister Katie. She didn’t even think twice. From Maddie’s point of view, Katie put her in harm’s way when she stole the file from Nolan’s computer. It’s not like she -wants- Katie to burn… But it’s turned into one of those “it’s better her than me,” situations for her. Whether or not her conscience will rise up in her and cause her to change course is anyone’s guess, but I think things in the Green Zone would need to get a LOT worse before that happens.

The Big 3 (Will, Katie, and Broussard) all had an action-oriented misadventure where we got see Will mow down a couple Blackjack enforcers and a Blackjack Lieutenant use human technology to control a drone strike. Will wants to leave more than ever now, but Broussard, having just learned that Will appears on an international Wanted List, insists on laying low. Their difference in opinion is only getting started.

Bram is a headache. In flashbacks and early season one episodes we get the sense that he’s been a headache for a while. Now, after just returning home from a stint at the labor camp, he jets as soon as no one is looking. That’s the crap a headache of a person would pull. I don’t get the sense he’s planning on coming back at this point. He’s allowed himself to be sucked in by this season’s mastermind: The Cardinal (aka Karen, aka Frankie’s mom). Listen to the podcast as Caroline explains Bram’s headspace as a person with survivor’s guilt AND get Caroline’s review of the techniques abusers use to groom their victims. This is the same stuff the Cardinal does to Bram.

COLONY — “The Garden of Beasts” Episode 210 — Pictured: Bethany Joy Lenz as Morgan — (Photo by: Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network)

6 thoughts on “Colony Season 2 Episode 10

  1. In the picture you have there, it looks like Morgan is using a chip puller to pretend to work on the pretend microdrone. Not an appropriate tool. Furthermore, she’s holding the chip puller incorrectly. What a fraud. (It’s the latest in a long list I have against her.)

    Do you know whom else I suspect are frauds? The Blackjacks. They have no insignias, not even for their non-red Red Hats. Will said nobody knows much about them. In England, they operated outside any colony. And they get through the gateways without showing papers. In World War II, there were Jews who impersonated German officers in order to survive. The movie “Walking With the Enemy” was based on an instance of this. Of course, if these Blackjacks are frauds, then they are spies working for another government, not victims trying to avoid rendition.

    You mentioned Maya’s comics. In an earlier scene, there is a wall with comic posters and graffiti, and some of the posters are, hmm, not stylistically similar to Maya’s drawings but conceptually similar. It’s humorous that “Broussard” is written on the wall, since Broussard is right there. Speaking of that, it’s suspicious how Broussard can walk around in broad daylight. The surveillance annex was able to find video of Emmit from hours prior and track him down, but somehow not Broussard? I think this goes beyond plot armor.

    1. I believe Bethany Joy Lenz may have been cast for her cuteness level rather any innate facility with microelectronics. I blame the technical advisers (if there are any) on the show. Maybe, from a filmmaking perspective, if you’re shelling out money for advisers to make the red hats and action scenes all look credible, then maybe you fudge it on the high tech stuff. Every time the camera looks around the sewer bunker, I chuckle a little. I’ve never been in a subterranean sewer management facility, but all those control panels and things look like a grubby versions of engineering from the original Enterprise than anything real.
      As far as the Blackjacks being frauds – do you think they are operating outside anyone’s authority or do you mean they aren’t actually members of the human race (or do you mean something else)?
      The level of surveillance has definitely spotty. It’s more believable this season than last though.

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