Colony Season 1 Mini-cast 1

And now something different. Don’t worry, we’re still going to review this past week’s episode.

This mini-cast is a recorded conversation between one of your Daley Review hosts, Paul Daley, and one of our listeners, Paul Rabenowitz (@paulrabenowitz on Twitter). Paul has been listening and conversing back and forth with us since our Leftovers reviews and has come along for the ride into the LA Bloc as we review Colony. The initial scope of the conversation was meant to include a discussion of Flatland, a book about expanding your perspective beyond what you may be capable of and how it relates to Colony. Paul R. had caught subtle references to “Flatlanders” during the show and the themes of this 100 year old novel made an immediate connection. He mentioned it to me (Paul D.) and we decided to exploit the marvelous technology of our modern age and have a trans-Atlantic conversation about it. The result was what follows, a conversation that sounds like old friends, able to draw references from books, TV, and movies to make their points and increase their mutual enjoyment of the show.

If anyone listens to this and has an idea they’d like to try and team-up to mini-cast about, let us know through the contact form or Twitter!

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