Colony Season 1 Episode 9

The next to last episode of the season delivered the big fight between Will and Katie that’s been building all season. Before we get to see how that goes down, we get to see how some of our fellow colonists celebrate the first anniversary of the arrival. Let’s just say that some of those colonists aim to misbehave. An opportunity arises and Will has a new, third option he wants to explore with his family: not collaborate, not resist, but Colony Exodus. It’s this new option that brings Will to the family shootout we’ve been waiting to see.

The Will/Kate blow-up was not really everything I needed it to be and since the writers knew it wouldn’t be, they gave us something juicy: Hyperion. Watch the episode, listen to the podcast and strap in for the final episode this week!

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3 thoughts on “Colony Season 1 Episode 9

  1. You criticized Katie for going with the Mom angle when asked for her terrorist resume. It’s a pattern. In episode 1, she was very quick and steady with her gun at the fake insulin dealer’s house, and then in episode 3, she played it dumb when the Asian kid showed her how to use a gun (probably the same model). In episode 2, she revealed her deep knowledge of Faulkner (a difficult read), and then got trounced repeatedly by Gracie in checkers. (As parents, I think you may understand why.) Katie at least had some role in Will getting promoted into Phyllis’ position (maybe more than we know), and if Katie is a Lady MacBeth type, Will may be destined to become “king”. In episode 8, Snyder gave a Shakespeare quote from King Henry, and in episode 9 he started speaking of “daggers”, which is very MacBeth. If Katie is a modern Lady MacBeth, then I think it solves the criticisms you had about her not being focused on getting back her kid. If Will becomes governor-general of the whole LA Colony, then as Will’s first act of office, Charlie comes home.

    I hope you’re wrong about the Charlie not coming back in the near future. Bram is perilously close to going to the Factory, because his tunnel is now known by Snyder and is being left open as a trap by Will’s suggestion. (Snyder may have known about the tunnel all along. He found it quickly and on his own initiative. And Pia only started kissing Bram after Will started working for Snyder.) So now Snyder can give Charlie back with one hand while taking away Bram with the other. This would help progress the Factory storyline. But it’s just how I would write it, and the show could go a different direction.

    About Lagarza, I was very suspicious of him after he shot Rachael in the head, and he’s been acting suspiciously since then. He escaped my radar before that. Could Lagarza be allied with Katie? Would the writers dare hide that from us? Rachael lied right to Katie’s face, and if Katie knows that, Katie may just be acting that she cared about her death. That would address your criticism that it seems odd that Katie is motivated by Rachael’s death, with seemingly no thought of her own family. But I’m way out on a limb of speculation here.

    About Jennifer, she really seemed to be spying. But for whom?

    Bram has been hunched over since episode 1. The actor might have got it from bodybuilding.

    Similar to various scientific implausibilities with the telescope last episode, this episode has oddities with the micro-UAV. A hornet or bumblebee is not a good form for a spy device, as it’s only going to attract attention. It has a multi-month battery life, which is suspicious. And the sound recording dropped in pitch, like an analog tape player running out of power, but it should have been a digital effect, maybe similar to a corrupted MP3. I don’t think this group is legit. They may be working for Snyder or someone similar.

    My question for Ryan Condal… Colony has had references to literature by Shakespeare, Faulkner, and Joseph Conrad. Can you give an example of a relation between the plot or characters of Colony and any of the referenced literature? (Optional follow up: Does the Apocalypse Now poster in the Geronimo speechwriters’ house tell us anything about the course Colony will take?)

  2. I agree with Hyperion being telepresence and not an actual host. The hosts need -some- way to relate to humanity and this looks like it.
    If Will is promoted to King of the Bloc and you predicted it here, on our website, I’m going to have to promote that fact like circus barker with a new bearded lady! If Proxy Snyder loses his position, Will could get caught up in the house cleaning that often accompanies changes in management. That’s not to say I hate your idea; I think -anything- is possible on a show like this as long as it doesn’t turn into Under the Dome and everyone wakes up in cocoons next season.
    You’re on to something about not getting all family members back at the same time too soon. If we get all five together, the end of the show (or some huge tragedy) should be in the near future.
    LaGarza… we just want to see something consistent from him I think. The way he’s performed his job so far leaves doubt for either his ability or his true allegiance. Snyder believes highly in his ability and doesn’t seem like he’s one to offer a long leash to very many of those around him. So, we’re hoping there’s some better explanation for why this guy is often a little out of position.
    Jennifer could just be spying for Jennifer! She got leap-frogged and relegated at work by Will. She may be looking for leverage.
    Thanks for writing in this week!

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