Colony Season 1 Episode 8

If Colony had a Talking Dead-style “In Memorium” section of the show, this episode would have had a long one. A major character, a minor one, the minor one’s sons, and then red-hat collateral damage. Let’s not forget moon-base plague-man!

The terrorist cell Will has been after all season, also known as the Country Quayle Jamboree featuring Katie, is swept into the pages of history with a little help from their leader turning rat (and a little more help from Will’s good aim). Things play out in a way that will let Katie skate back into her normal, non-insurrectionist life and all she has to do is take the opportunity Will has created. Can she? Will she? Her unexplained draw to Broussard is likely a time-bomb within her and when he calls, she will come a’ runnin’. Maybe in the meantime, she and Will can re-forge their own bond, focus on getting Charlie back, and at least make it hard decision for her when Broussard comes knocking.

Overall, great episode, full of surprises; top 3 of the season.

In other news, we are taking part of this week’s Blab From the Bloc! Sign up and be there as we get to help interview Peter Jacobson (Proxy Alan Snyder himself)!

Footnote: If you notice a reference to “hot-talk” or “talking hot”, you should take this to mean that the person is speaking in an undeservedly braggadocios manner.

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2 thoughts on “Colony Season 1 Episode 8

  1. I really appreciate your podcasts. As a couple, your dynamic is excellent, and I enjoy hearing your insights into Will and Katie’s relationship. I liked that you picked up on the inappropriateness of Mr. Carson’s giving Bram moonshine. That is a Factory offense in California, as I found out when I was 18 and had a bottle of champagne with 3 female friends ages 15-17 and the police rolled in. I suggest you be suspicious of everything Mr. Carson does. For example, when he takes the tarp off his telescope, it allegedly just happens to be pointed correctly; the odds of that are astronomical. (The image was inside the “telescope”, not on the Moon, I believe.) You noted here when Mr. Carson changed the subject, and he did the same in an earlier episode when Bram pointed out the difference in the sound in the last launch (which was the episode 1 launch.) The sound is actually a pretty big clue, I think. When Bram speaks of topics that could threaten obedience to the government, Mr. Carson tries to distract him, IMO. I like to think Bram knows Mr. Carson is a weaselly collaborator and is planning to take him outside the Walls and kill him. Like father like son. We’ll see.

    1. Thanks a lot for writing in, apologies for the delayed response!
      Your idea of the telescope / planted moonbase imagery is fascinating and not at all far-fetched. The rest about Bram being with it enough to see that Mr. Carson presents a danger to him is too hopeful for me. Mr. Carson is the only adult in Bram’s young life that is giving him any kind of positive feedback. His parents are absent or just glad to have him around for babysitting. With Mr. Carson, he feels like he’s got another rule-bending, co-conspirator and an adult that’s valuing what he contributes to the relationship (even though Mr. Carson is highly limiting on the scope of what he wants Bram to contribute). If Mr. Carson is a government agent or some sicko looking to lure Bram into danger, the only reason Bram will get out of it alive is that the teacher is just a guest star. The finale may cause me to change my tune, but so far, the Bowmans are sacred cows, ineligible for Stark-level consequences. (That’s Game of Thrones Stark and not Iron Man Tony Stark.)

      I’m all for upping the ante though. 🙂

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