Colony Season 1 Episode 6

Tons of action and Action Jackson was nowhere to be seen! This one was all about Will and Proxy Snyder trying to survive an ambush, Broussard trying to perform that ambush, and Katie trying to fit into the middle of the ambush without Will ever finding out about it. Given her natural talent for disguise and espionage, it’s hard to believe Will could ever find her out. And by that I mean it’s just a matter of time because she -doesn’t- actually have any natural talent in those areas and I have serious doubts about the integrity of the resistance’s training program.

I sure love great action scenes, but even more I love when light is shone upon up until now unknown nuggets of info about the Colony universe. You wouldn’t expect an action oriented episode to have such meaty exposition, but it does and it really works. The pace of the show didn’t drag as a result of the three or four gut-spilling sessions our characters had. Congrats, Colony Creators!

This week, my sister joins us on the podcast, and be on the lookout for a mid-week mini-cast with listener Paul Rabenowitz as he and I discuss Colony, some of our favorite TV in general and the book Flatland as it relate to Colony.

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