Colony Season 1 Episode 5

Will’s team is shaken up after the murder of their former boss and everybody’s going to have to get used to the new guy being in charge. If I was Jennifer, I’d be all like, “Anything he can do, I can do better,” but I doubt it would work on Proxy Snyder. At least not right now. Phyllis’ death has him very nervous and all of the sudden it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t have the right Geronimo in custody. In cases where a public example needs to be made, any Geronimo will do. Other Geronimos may surface (they do), but they don’t quite look the part quite like poor, under-represented Luis (I guess certain rights, like legal representation, have been suspended during the occupation).

This was a fine episode, and one that helped add texture to the levels of human bureaucracy above the proxy level, but overall it was meant to serve up next week’s episode (which looks action-packed). We end on a cliffhanger and a preview promising a gunfight, so stick around and we’ll catch up next week!

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