Colony Season 1 Episode 10

Was it just a week ago the first season of USA’s Colony drew to a close? What better way to mark the occasion than with a slightly later than normal, but there’s no harm because there’s no new episode tonight, podcast? I have just the thing. This here podcast can do that for you.

The season started and everyone was together. The season ended with everyone headed in vastly different directions with no way to stay in touch. The idea behind any story’s second act is to put everybody in a heap of trouble. With┬áthe finale’s last few scenes, I think it’s fair to say a heap of trouble is in everyone’s future. Except maybe Jennifer. She may get through episode 201 without being shot at or run in by red hats, but those odds are only even money.

The team here at Daley Review is anxious to see where we go next with the LA Bloc and can’t wait for 2017 to see what happens next. In the meantime, we’ll start our season 2 coverage of Fear the Walking Dead in a few weeks!

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3 thoughts on “Colony Season 1 Episode 10

  1. I was expecting this episode to really turn things upside down, but the changes are relatively small. The writers are holding back a lot. They so teased us by showing us only a small part of the new drone that most people didn’t even notice that it is huge. The whole big drone should have been in this episode. Still, the mysteries of the show have me intrigued. And there were a lot of mysteries in this episode.

    The “space blanket” Faraday Cage was improperly constructed. It would work if it were done as a 3D enclosure. They did it like a bandage: an open-ended tube around its forearm. That would leak RF. So, I looked to see if BB was faking his zero meter reading when they stopped to recheck before going outside. When he turned on the device the first time deeper in the tunnels, the subtitles say “[meter hums]” and there is a feedback sound. When they stopped to check again, there is no such subtitle and there is no feedback sound. There are clicks as if turning on and then off, but that’s not convincing. I haven’t made up my mind, but it’s suspicious.

    A more clear strike against BB is that he tries to saw through the metal alloy breastplate, right after Eckhart and Morgan comment on the mesh on the abdomen and the membrane on its neck. So, BB didn’t want to open Hyperion. But why? After Morgan’s speculation that the suit might be to protect *them*, viewers might assume BB didn’t open Hyperion because he was scared, but I suspect the writers were trying to conceal his true motives.

    I didn’t have your reaction to Katie’s suspicion here. I thought Katie was very perceptive. The micro-UAV team should have thought through the risks when writing their “due diligence” plan that they submitted to Broussard and Quayle. Also, Morgan says, “This must be its communications protocol.” A protocol is a set of rules for communicating. You cannot hold a protocol in your hand. The implication is that Morgan is a fake, not a software expert. Katie asks, “What does that mean?” And Morgan stutters, “It’s how it interfaces with its hardware.” What and where is “it”? Morgan gave an evasive B.S. answer, after Katie questioned her B.S. statement. Katie is aggressive in this scene, because she is starting to see through their B.S.

    Then Katie breaks the chicken wire Faraday cage, and the micro-UAV team and Broussard flee through the trap door, but Katie just hangs around. Meanwhile, Will runs back from outside, where a drone did its prepare-to-die squawk and tried to laser-site his ass. Then Katie just walks out the door. Really? This can’t be a writing mistake, because the trap door is right there. Does that mean Katie knows she has nothing to fear from the drones? Is she working for whomever controls the drones? Back during the Snyder ambush episode, Katie stuck her head out the truck window to gawk at the arriving drones and then she just drove away, which some suggested was a writer’s mistake. Maybe it was a clue.

    I think Katie gave the prize of Hyperion to Will, so that he would get a promotion. So, that would be some Lady Macbeth behavior, unless you buy her story about breaking the Faraday cage to save the team or the civilians. However, Will blew the promotion by accepting Snyder’s transit pass and going to Santa Monica. Now Will is AWOL, and he’ll be lucky if he’s only fired upon his return to LA Bloc. So, Will and Katie will need to conspire to put Snyder back in power, so that Will can get his job back plus a house in the Green Zone. Given how much this will benefit Snyder, I think this was Snyder’s plan. He either had two passes or knew his daughter would refuse.

    I don’t have your “Katie Commando” objections, because she was “Katie Commando” in episode 1, when she pulled her gun on the fake insulin dealer. Katie acts dumb most of the time, but she is an intellectual reader (Faulkner) and she had a lot to do with Will getting promoted. You’ve heard of “Darth Jar Jar,” right? It may be time to consider the possibility of Darth Katie.

    The song known as “Dharma Lady”, heard in Snyder’s daughter’s domicile, is in episode 5×06 of Lost. There are two other Lost Easter eggs (that I know of) in this episode.

    You commented on Nolan seeming to enjoy the kids now in his home, but remember that Nolan is the political liaison to the let’s-give-our-kids-to-the-RAPs religious movement. And Nolan brought in Lindsey, his fellow congregation member and “Hitler Youth” leader, to watch the kids. So, the kids are about to depart for a very special place, a place where there will be no more pain and suffering. Now isn’t that special? Before that happens, Minnie might make the ultimate sacrifice for a little insulin.

    You mentioned “Gil”. I think Snyder is employing reverse psychology with Helena, and so Snyder wants Gil to be the new proxy. Likewise, in the previous episode, Snyder probably tricked Nolan when he asked for the traitors and Nolan gave him Gil and some other names. Gil is probably the most loyal of all, since Nolan is such a weasel. So, I’m guessing that Snyder wants Gil to intentionally mess things up, so that Snyder can get his old job back. But little seems to go as the characters plan. I hope Gil doesn’t wind up like the Geronimo broadcaster after Snyder is back in power.

    Now, here are my picks for the biggest unsolved mysteries of season 1:

    Under what circumstances do drones come? Who controls them? Why doesn’t the big drone have better communication with the little drones (who fled after it shot the building)?

    Why didn’t Katie go through the trap door? How did she survive going out the door?

    Why is the view from the Factory the most famous space photo of all, “Earthrise” from Apollo 8?

    What is Hyperion? Are RAPs and Hosts the same thing?

    Finally, here’s a Google map I did of LA Bloc:

  2. Thanks for writing in!

    I’ll start at the bottom and work my way up. I like the map, but I wonder about that sharp angle in the northeast corner. I recall a spot where one wall ran into another and formed an intersection. Is that where that is?

    The Twitter personality @ProxySnyder has stated that RAPs is short for raptors – as in the bird depicted in the Transitional Authority insignia. I’m not so sure about that myself since the closed caption always spells it out more like an acronym than a nickname. I’m pretty sure RAPs and hosts are the same thing, but hosts is what you would call them in front of Helena and RAPs is what you would call them in front of your friends.

    With the Apollo 8 pic, are you thinking the moonbase is a put-on a la Syfy’s Ascension?

    Katie’s finale escape and survival: Excellent question without an obvious way out. The drones and “Big” drone would still have been on the scene. Any person that wasn’t Will caught coming out of that building should have been black-bagged.

    Drone command: So far, we’ve not seen any human hold sway over those things. I have two ideas: a controlling intelligence, maybe an AI, controls their deployment using some kind of surveillance (which we’ve seen can’t be perfect -OR- has a higher threshold for shenanigans than you’d expect). Idea 2 is a lower caste of host in charge of human wrangling. In fact, that would make some sense and would probably make Hyperion a member of that caste.

    I like your thinking about Gil and it makes sense.

    I think you’re on the money with Nolan. He’s had ample chance at his age to have been a family man (and maybe he was pre-arrival, but with Charlotte I doubt it). The enthusiasm he shows for having the kids at his house would jive a lot more with a guy seeing an opportunity to improve his standing than with a guy happy to have little children in his house.

    Dharma Lady – good catch. The inclusion of it on CD WAS correct though. So many songs in Damon and Carlton’s shows…

    Commando Katie – Good call on referencing ep 101 here, but that was hardly a cool, confident display of being in control like she displayed in the Finale. Our complaint was that shift in confidence occurred like flipping a switch. Maybe what happened to Rachel’s family flipped that switch, but I’ve never personally dealt with a person capable of such true shift like Katie had, practically overnight.

    I think you’re probably on to something about needing to conspire to put Snyder back in power, but not because of what he can get them or Charlie anymore… I think whatever happens next to the LA bloc is going to be harsh and make East Berlin look like Disneyland. Putting Snyder back in power, while not as good as the impossible dream of kicking the hosts out completely, would be a major upgrade over what’s to come.

    The technical stuff about the nerd team’s qualifications and the faraday cage’s effectiveness are well outside Daley Review’s level of scrutiny. I don’t want to discount anything you’ve written. What I will say is that to an extent, this show has only waded into the tropes of science fiction and police procedural television about ankle-deep. It’s watchable because there’s a looming promise of greater depth, but right now there are too many inconsistencies to put a lot of stock into those aspects of the show. Does that make sense? The police aspects don’t seem to work like other police shows and the watcher (us) is just supposed to go along with the brisk pace of the storytelling and not ask too many questions. The science fiction part, particularly the nerd team, is just supposed to “sound right” rather than conform to provable scientific principles. Like parsecs in Star Wars. Let’s hope that looming part gets closer next season.

    Again, thanks for writing! We hope to hear from you on other shows and next season!

  3. Thanks for the detailed reply.

    You can see the sharp angle at the southeast in a chart from the show:

    The Wall intersection you saw on the show was the southwest corner. The camera was on the Santa Monica side looking towards Wilshire boulevard.

    I didn’t see Ascension, but I think the Factory is like the Star Trek episode “For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky”. Stars have been added to what is otherwise exactly the Apollo 8 photo, since dummies like Carlos (and most viewers ­čÖé would expect stars. Other clues are that the tanks are labeled in bbls, which is oil barrels, the lighting and whatnot are old-fashioned industrial style, and the camera focuses on the nameplate on the industrial elevator. (It’s a real company today.) That’s pretty low Earthly tech for what we’re supposed to believe is an alien moonbase. Bram seems to have bought a one way ticket to the “Moon”, and I wonder if Charlotte Burgess did too and they’ll meet there. (“Oh, you’re Maddie’s nephew?! Now isn’t that precious!”)

    About Katie’s escape here, I just reviewed the “98 Seconds” scene in episode 3, and there the drones come in with red lights and give four warning squalks before switching to purple lights, then a final warning squalk before laser siting the civilians (with purple dots) and mini-gunning them down. It took 45 seconds from first squalk to opening fire. (This is after the 98 seconds to arrive.) In EP10, the drones come in with red lights, give one squalk, and shine a red laser site at Will (but the red dot landed on a fence instead.) So, the drones were not about to shoot Will, but they might have if he didn’t pull out his badge and he had stuck around through repeated warnings until they went into purple people eater mode. This means Katie probably had about 45 seconds between exiting the building and when the drones would open fire. If she could make it to the homeland vehicle and drive off, she would probably be okay. That’s assuming Broussard left the keys in the vehicle, though. Anyway, I’m a bit less freaked out about her escape now.

    Today military drones are teleoperated by humans. If the Colony drones are teleoperated, then it would explain why the little drones went scrambling after the big drone started shooting (rather than before). A central controlling AI or a different AI for each drone should not have the observed communication problem.

    Commando Katie was like flipping a switch, because Scardie Katie is an act, I think. Think “Carol” on the Walking Dead. We don’t know much about Katie. She could be ex-military. Her father was (supposedly) a Navy captain. Another clue is how competent she was with headshots during training in the basement, not to mention when riding down an escalator!

    Yes, I agree that LA Bloc is about take a major nose dive. That’s why I said Will and Katie need a house in the Green Zone. It’s no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity. So, they’ll help put Snyder back in power. If Snyder is foolish enough to make Will his #2 in appreciation, then Will will be just one stab away from the crown.

    You’ll see me comment on your other show podcasts and next season. I love the insights and showmanship of you and your wife.

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