Colony Season 1 Episode 1

We’ve been looking forward to this one for a while. Carlton Cuse has been very active in the since LOST ended with The Bates Motel and The Strain, but this is the first series of his that jumped out to us. It doesn’t hurt that we’ve had a little layoff in active programming since The Leftovers finale either.

The series gets off to a very fast start and throws the main characters, Will and Katie, played by Josh Holloway (Sawyer from LOST) and Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori from The Walking Dead), into the thick of a plot that should make for some great TV. In the podcast we discuss everything in our usual scene by scene style and try to sort out just how this show is going to work. Right away the characters are going to be headed in very different directions and their motivations are not 100% clear. Do we think this is a strong start? Listen to find out!

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2 thoughts on “Colony Season 1 Episode 1

  1. Some comments: Yes, I have family photos on my fridge. Not everyone pays for stainless. Yes, we hung out on the bleachers all the time, not unusual at all. The kids on the bleachers said ‘5-0’ before they ran, that means police. Weird clothing may be due to shortages, no stock in stores, repurposing.. ‘Indian giver’ is a VERY offensive epithet. Your production complaints are tedious. All the nitpicking really drags down the podcast. Not every show can be as awesome as The Leftovers! It’s only the pilot, give it room to breathe.

    1. Hi Ellen,
      Thanks for listening and writing!
      We didn’t pay for stainless either. It was a warranty / replacement thing. It doesn’t match anything in the kitchen, so it’s pretty out of place. I took the “5-0” comment to be more of a warning of an approaching authority figure – those didn’t look like cops. I think the reference goes back to the original Hawaii 5-0 TV show (it was a cop show).

      It’s good to know the production complaints had a negative impact on the podcast. In a sci-fi show like this, especially when a creator of LOST is involved, we start looking at EVERYTHING and its possible meaning. We want to figure out what the “rules” are that the show is going to set up for itself. When the rules are defined and the heroes beat the bad guys according to the rules, it makes for very satisfying TV. If they pull out some kind of Star Trek deus ex machina kind of thing in order to triumph, we feel cheated as viewers. Some of the stuff we mentioned can be chalked up to wanting consistency and “rules” for their TV universe. The other stuff is probably related to our feeling that show felt choppy (the sister and nephew coming and going without any logic) and wondering where that came from. Is the network interfering with the creators? Did the creators make it that way intentionally? If so, we hope it serves the story somehow. If not, then maybe it can smoothed out as they go.

      Anyway, we have faith in Carlton. Overall, we felt it was a strong start. Again, thanks for listening and taking the time to write!

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