Colony 313 – What Goes Around

What started out with such great promise, coasts to a disappointing and abrupt conclusion. Listen in as Caroline and Paul enumerate all of the ways in which this cancellation fueled series finale disappointed.

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One thought on “Colony 313 – What Goes Around

  1. I’m so sad this is the end, but happy you’ll be covering Black Mirror and The Orville.

    About the end of the show, in two of the podcasts, a director and an executive producer (?) said that they really had no idea the show would end. They said everything was long filmed and edited before they had a clue.

    For the Demi, note that one actress, Stephanie Van Dyck, is credited in IMDB for 311 and 313, but there is no Demi credited for 312, which had the airlock scene. However, a different actress, Erika Walter, is credited in 312 for a character named “Nicole”. She is the skinny blonde Community Patrol officer. She has no speaking lines, and none of the huge number of other nonspeaking officers there are credited. No “Nicole” ever appears in the subtitles for any episode. So, I think this actress was the Demi in 312. Is the Demi named Nicole? (Both Demis and Nicole are Greek names.) Have we seen one, two, three, or four Demis? Are they able to drop the alien upper head appearance and just look like a normal human when they want? Have they infiltrated human society? Are they human?

    Remember the body in the crashed alien pod? Compare to the sexy Demi in IGA HQ.

    Caroline asks about the number of outliers. There were 400,000+ overall, and I’m guessing tens of thousands for Seattle, since naked pod guy’s tattooed number was 24601. I don’t believe Snyder’s spiel about the 150 outliers. I think he just wanted Will in a pod, willingly.

    You took note of the scene between Katie and Bram. It was indeed weird, but it’s something I had let slide. Now I wonder, could it be because of surveillance? Remember, back in season 2, Helena said LA would implement Seattle’s Total Informational Awareness surveillance protocol. And then we hardly saw any obvious indication of this Surveillance State in Seattle, other than maybe the mobile phones and Snyder’s ridiculous scrambler, which I doubt works. It was after this scene that that Bram’s girlfriend’s dad started asking questions about Bram’s mom and Bram realized that he had looked her up. Could Bram and Katie have been acting for his benefit? It’s something to watch for on review.

    In Starship Troopers, the meteor attack on Buenos Aires was a false flag. Well, it’s not stated as such, but it’s pretty obvious, since the bugs were on the other side of the galaxy and didn’t possess technology. I suspect it’s no coincidence that Buenos Aires was also attacked in Colony. It’s the damn bugs again!

    Caroline was complaining that Kynes just sort of faded away. I guess you didn’t like the idea I tweeted you about Kynes possibly being the Grayhat next to Snyder as the drones were flying away. I’m very persuaded by your old theory that Maya was the Red Hat standing next to Snyder when the spaceship blew up (after all, the bomb had a circuit board!), and this may be another instance. If you watch closely, you’ll see all sorts of medical mistakes that Amy makes, such as that Kynes’ shirt is still on this episode, while she’s supposedly desperately trying to save his life. She checks his pupils with a light with his eyes closed. No director or even actor is such an idiot. Remember too, Kynes put on a bulletproof vest (you can hear the velcro) before supposedly getting shot. I’m 100% confident Kynes is fine.

    The gang approaching Broussard looks pretty mangy. I think those are “underliers”. Broussard got stuck with the dregs, I think. I don’t think Broussard is an Outlier himself. You know who else doesn’t get shot by drones? Red Hats.

    Meanwhile, we had a hint that Kynes had control of the drones, which I think you mentioned in a previous podcast, and here we see them flying off. Why? I suspect they’re going to help liberate the podified Outliers before they get smashed by a meteor. That would be the shock of episode 401, as Bram and Gracie learn that Will is podified and that all the podified people were killed by the meteor, but in 402 we would learn that Will and many others were smuggled out.

    I guess you also didn’t like my theory that Snyder is working with Kynes. I posted a quote in the comments for 310 to support that idea. Caroline thought it was funny that Snyder saved Kynes’ favorite guitar, whereas I thought, “Well, of course Snyder saved his friend’s most treasured item!”

    Sorry to go on for so long. I don’t always say it, but I always think it: you guys do a wonderful job!

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