Colony 311 + 312 – Disposable Bonzos

Thanks to a couple of coinciding vacations and a lack of timely screeners, we’re going to catch up by releasing two episodes in a single podcast. Bonzo.

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3 thoughts on “Colony 311 + 312 – Disposable Bonzos

  1. Iranian Air Force! Iran is not Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia woman have much worse situation than in Iran. Two different countries, cultures and languages. Like confusing USA and Peru or Chile.

    1. But are there women in the Air Force, trained as pilots, like the show was representing, as of today? A quick pass in Google showed a lot of women in the Iraninan Air Force up until the political changes in 1979. If so, great! I’d love to know that.

  2. Ryan Condal said in the official podcast that Bonzo refers to the Led Zeppelin drummer. Another of his nicknames was the Beast, a name found in the Bible and the novel Dune. A prop guy for Colony said that Kynes names his armories after musicians. Bellevue is another armory, and I don’t know if it’s the name of a musician, but it’s the name of a music school.

    You ask about women in the Iranian Air Force. I had actually researched this, but I forgot to mention it anywhere, so I’m glad you asked. Yes, actually, Iran has a long, proud history of women in the Iranian Air Force. Just none after 1979.

    I think Snyder is working with Kynes, because of the season 1 dialog where Snyder says he was friends with the person who was Governor-General of Seattle after the uprising was quelled. Regarding Harris, take look at the nose piercing on the crispy corpse.

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