Colony 310 – Sea Spray

SEA Spray. SEAttle? It’s very wet there most of the time? What does Sea Spray have to do with this episode of Colony? Let us know if you know.

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One thought on “Colony 310 – Sea Spray

  1. You wondered about why the pods and the List stuff seemed to start late in the show. Timing is important.

    There is no evidence of any program to identify and store outliers until after Everett demanded contact with the Hosts.

    Remember the scene with Everett strumming his guitar while Seattle burned?
    In my comment for the previous episode, I gave the quote that shows this occurred long before season 1, episode 10. Everett requested to speak directly to the Hosts in that scene. In Nazi Germany, just a hint from a high ranking Nazi that the Führer wanted something was enough to launch huge state enterprises.

    All the stuff with Blackjacks and outliers and podification – that started in season 2, after Everett had demanded contact with the Hosts. These policies may be Everett’s.
    Why did the Hosts (or somebody) attack the building full of veterans on Arrival Day, whereas now veterans are often podified. Same answer.

    Technology samples are moved down alleyways where they are likely to get stolen. I think that’s just to make the IGA think Everett has maintained direct contact with the Hosts. The samples come by plane, so probably not from the Hosts.

    Why doesn’t the IGA just ask the Hosts if they are really talking to Everett and if they really said these things? Well, would you dare question a Host directive right to their, uh, visors?

    Another critical timing thing is the estimated date of Arrival Day 2.0:

    S03E06 Helena: The Hosts had originally calculated years, perhaps even a decade before the enemy fleet caught up with them. The estimate has now dwindled to months. Maybe less.

    S03E08 Snyder: I’ve been personally overseeing the implementation of your protocol in Los Angeles for the last six months.

    Snyder was still retired in that scene in episode 6, so by episode 8 at least six months has elapsed from when Helena “started the clock”. (If he was lying, there’s still a Katie quote to establish a minimum of four months.) So, Arrival Day 2.0 was scheduled to occur somewhere from about 5 months ago to S04E01.

    I don’t trust the RAP, but he said, “Escape. Flee. Pursuit,” so if that’s their past behavior, we should be half expecting the RAPs to quietly leave before the other aliens kick the snot out of them (if that’s even what is going on, which I’m sure it’s not).

    Are the Hosts even still in contact with the IGA? If the IGA had not heard from the Hosts in quite some time, admitting it would cause an instant worldwide civil war, so would they admit it? No. So, the IGA would continue completely unchanged if the aliens left. Given this, could the writers abstain from making this powerful social commentary? No.

    Whatever you do, don’t suggest in your podcast that the RAPs might already be gone. Your listeners would revolt, even though it’s 100% logical.

    I did not say this. I was not here.

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