Colony 309 – The Big Empty

The moment we saw coming finally came. Did you think he’d go through with it?

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4 thoughts on “Colony 309 – The Big Empty

  1. At the start, you’re speculating about what The Big Empty means and then you turn around in the next instant and wonder what’s in the briefcase. This juxtaposition was amusing to me, because of the 2003 film The Big Empty, about which Wikipedia says, “It stars Jon Favreau as a struggling actor with a bizarre request from his neighbor to deliver a suitcase that he cannot open. While there, he meets an unusual cast of characters, and starts to think this delivery might be more than it seems.”

    I think the delivery ambush scene is shown again, because it’s important, though in the official podcast they seemed to suggest that it was shown twice because it was so expensive to film. Everett cautioned the courier to follow protocol, which involves driving down a narrow alley where ambush is likely. Therefore, I think Everett wanted the courier to get ambushed, because “this delivery might be more than it seems”. Another reason to be suspicious is the courier’s tight schedule. He takes a sample that just came off the plane to the testing lab, picks up the previous sample in the testing lab (seconds after it has been tested) and takes it to prototyping (when not ambushed) and picks up the completed prototypes. Ridiculous, so maybe it’s all smoke and mirrors. Figuring out why is dicier, but I’d guess Everett knows Broussard or (more likely) Amy is an IGA spy, and so the sample will wind up at IGA HQ, making the IGA believe Everett got it from the Hosts, when actually he got it from another source (since it came by plane). If that’s how it plays out, warning bells should go off for multiple reasons.

    Schindler’s List is a good observation. I somehow missed the comparison, but conceptually I was thinking that way, just not the movie. However, I’m thinking Everett is all about building an outlier army to fight the occupation, with others being saved only if they can be used towards that end. I have been thinking in terms of Everett Kynes = Liet Kynes.

    I want to revisit your season 2 theory that Maya might be alive. Back then, I pointed to the circuit board on the bomb, which implied she didn’t need to detonate it herself, and you pointed to the petite Red Hat next to Snyder as the transport blew up, which you speculated could have been Maya. This would be more plausible if Snyder were in on it. However, we don’t have any other evidence of that, do we? Well, consider this season 1 dialog:

    Snyder: This is the emergency protocol that the Transitional Authority used in Seattle. They quelled an uprising with minimal population loss, which pleased our Hosts.
    Nolan: How’d you get that?
    Snyder: The Governor-General up there was a friend of mine.

    Kynes’ position has never been stated, but most likely he is Governor-General of the Seattle Colony, and most likely he was back then too. So Snyder was friends with… Kynes?! How can this be, since they don’t act as if they know each other? The thing is, Snyder showed us he is always acting as if he is being watched, with his bathroom scrambler scene. What if Snyder is not worried about Kynes’ surveillance but rather the IGA’s? I’ll restate in case you’re lost: what if Snyder and Kynes are both acting and are actually old buddies? What if Kynes tweaked the Algorithm to get his trusted old friend Snyder into a proxy position?

    Maya’s destruction of the transport benefited Kynes, because it ended all shipments of outliers to the Hosts, allowing Kynes to accumulate a huge army of outliers such as naked pod man from Lazarus. So, perhaps Maya was on a mission for Kynes and had help from Kynes’ possible old friend, Snyder. If Everett Kynes is Liet Kynes, then perhaps Maya is Chani, Kynes’ daughter. That would make Bram Maud’Dib.

    Happy freedom from British colonialism day!

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