What are we doing here: Daley Review is a site dedicated to reviews and opinions of the TV shows, movies and books that Paul and Caroline Daley are interested in. Most of it will lean toward genre fiction like sci-fi and some will be flat-out nerdy stuff. Look for our podcast!

Him: Paul Daley is a black-belt in the nerd arts. In his college graduation ceremony from the University of Texas, the emcee read off that he was (and is still) a lifelong Star Wars fan. He lucked out by marrying Caroline because she always makes sure that he has time to see the movies he wants to see, catch the shows he wants to watch and read the books he wants. Finally, a critical mass off all this nerd-knowledge has built up and Paul’s going to start telling the world what he thinks.

Her: Caroline Daley is the coolest nerd-wife in the world. She convinced the organ player at the Catholic church where she and Paul got married to play the Award Ceremony theme from the end of Star Wars as their recessional. Sixteen years later she still finds ways to surprise and enchant her nerd-beast husband. Some of nerd-aura has started to rub off on her. She may never accept her nerd-crown and become nerd-queen, but she has a point of view on the subjects that Paul loves and wants to share it here.

Them together: Paul and Caroline Daley are parents to three children. Two of their children are on the autism spectrum and one of them is deafblind. You can read all about all they do for her education here: www.HelpLaurenLearn.com.

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